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Live online tuitions for pre-primary and primary students by the best educators in India

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AOL Live Classes

Big On Fun

Bigger on Learning

AOL live classes capture children’s attention and grow their learning curve actively, in comparison to passive learning of recorded videos. AOL classes are available for 1 on 1 Personal Tutoring, Focus Tutoring of 1-5 students, Guide Tutoring of 1-10 students and Group Tutoring of 1-20 students, to suit every stage of learning be it catching up on missed lessons, enrichment or regular practice.


Expert Primary Educators with Unique Techniques

to Transform Learning for Little Ones

AOL teachers have created a name for themselves with online learning techniques acquired over a distinguished career. They provide an immersive learning experience to children by interweaving lessons with storytelling techniques to simplify difficult concepts and bolster the basics. Our panel of teachers consist of professional educators, artists, scientists, and inspiring public speakers with an expertise to share and grow

Four Unique Ways

To Facilitate Learning

1 on 1 Personal Tutoring

Invoking Benjamin Franklin’s golden words, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”, AOL 1 on 1 personal tutoring enables faster learning with no distractions to help them learn with laser sharp focus. With an ability to personalize conversations and assignments, teachers adopt a strategy to suit the pace and patterns of the student. AOL 1 on 1 Personal Tutoring helps children to catch up on key lessons, learn advanced levels with Instant doubt solving in a learning environment where they feel heard.

1 to 5 - Focus Tutoring

Our Focus Tutoring lessons have a maximum capacity of five students with optimum level of interactions This ensures all students are able to connect with our teachers; talk, ask questions and share ideas in real time. With Focus Tutoring, educators help in growing the children’s confidence and motivation with personalized attention.

1 to 10 - Guide Tutoring

Guide tutoring sessions of 1-10 students break the monotony of long classes and help them to cheer up each other while being actively engaged in learning. Teachers are able to focus better on each student to help in note preparation, developing the organizing skills besides polishing the social skills of students.

1 to 20 - Group Tutoring

Bringing alive the collaborative atmosphere of a classroom, the group tutoring of 1-20 students help them to practice and revise effectively. The group tutoring classes are also great to reinforce a concept, through repeated explanations. Further, these group sessions also help students to see new perspectives from each other to learn a key topic,



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Code meeple is providing good learning coding and designing platform where my child learned and designed nice 3d designs and games. Extremely useful for techniques to study. Teachers have been outstanding. Thank you for the consistency of your efforts.



We feel happy to be a part of Code Meeple coding program, They have designed a very good python content. Vedant has learnt a lot from the python course. Special thanks to the mentors whose support has helped my child to learn more. He is always eager to join the session and learn.



Sonali has developed a lot of interest in learning programming. The way the teacher introduced the concepts in a fun and engaging way it was very inspiring for my daughter to learn to code. Now she has started developing apps on her own. I am a proud father. Thanks to Code Meeple!