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5 creative activities that will boost the self-esteem of children

It can be called a dull life if one isn’t blessed at least with a small iota of creativity.. Creative exercises are always imbued with excitement, so such type of activities are well-liked by many of us. What do you mean by creativity? Can one define creativity? This can be a contentious, million-dollar question. Creativity can be defined as that spontaneous energy inside us, that oozing of adrenaline, which helps us in doing the thing that we never imagined we could have done. This blog will precisely discuss what kind of activities are they and what can we do to boost the morale of the children, especially when they are in their formative stages in life.

1. Reading

Francis Bacon, the eminent thinker once said that some books are to be tasted, some are to be chewed and some to be digested. This is why we have to find the genre liked by the child only then we can give suggestions about what to read.  Here are some of the suggestions-:

A. Works of Roald Dahl-: Dahl remains as a beloved author in children’s literature. His works such as Charlie and the Chocolate factory are still immensely popular.

B. Works of Mark Twain-: Twain wrote about an America before the great depression struck. His characters are gleeful and vivacious, such as Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer.

C. Works of Edgar Allan Poe-: His eerie, mysterious world will attract the child.

D. Works by C.S. Lewis-: His works such as The Chronicles of Narnia are still popular

E. One thousand and one nights-: This timeless Arabian classic will attract children as they can mingle and interact with the characters, such as flying on the carpet with Aladdin,  laugh at the miserliness of Qasim and go on voyages with Sinbad the sailor.

2. Music

Music is an activity that can act as a catalyst for creativity as well as a stress reliever. Children can acquaint with some of the legends in music such as Chopin, Beethoven or Rachmaninoff if they are interested. The aim should be developing a strong musical taste in children. They can also listen to local songs, and if they can get the guidance of an expert, that will do more good.

3. Painting

Since time immemorial, nature has enchanted mankind. He tried to scribble down something on caves, and today’s many cave paintings bear testimony to that.  If the child is interested in the art of painting, get him acquainted with some of the masters, such as Van Gogh, Vermeer or Rembrandt.  Appropriate guidance is necessary here.

4. Sports

Who doesn’t like to play after a hard day’s work? In this specific context, there could be talented children. We have to identify such talents and polish, nurture and develop. Some kids would choose football, some would have an inkling towards cricket etc. Identify them and give them appropriate training.

5. Mind Sports

Memory is an important aspect of the education of children. Appropriate use of techniques in mnemonics will help them in developing into well- rounded personalities.

Children are the future. As their guardians, as parents and teachers, we must encourage them.

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