Meet AOL

Your Little One’s
Big Advantage

AOL live classes provide accelerated learning across disciplines with lessons designed to add to a child’s strengths and overcome their weaknesses. Our live classes also empower parents with performance trackers, to keep a check on their child’s progress.

Boosting confidence

creativity and scores with personalized
learning for early and primary years.

Strengthen the Foundation all Subjects

AOL is your little one’s big advantage. With smartly designed lesson plans for all subject for Nursery and higher grades, our modular learning helps to master all tough concepts for all grades.

Develop Hobbies and Personal Interests

Extracurriculars are equally important. Let your child chase their passion and build healthy hobbies with curated learning for music, art, fitness, dance and much more.

Measure Progress with Detailed Trackers

At AOL learning is not just about attending classes but moving ahead in timely manner. See how far your child has progressed with detailed trackers and checks.


That Not Only Focus on Learning
But Also Enhance the Learning Process