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Virtual Online School- The New Era of Education


The virtual online school, also called virtual classroom, is a training and learning tool in which teachers and participants can interact, communicate, view and discuss presentations, engage in collaborative projects , in an online environment in real time.

In most cases, video conferencing software is used to create a virtual classroom which allows multiple users to be connected at the same time via the internet. These applications can be generic or specifically designed to create virtual online classes. Some allow a faithful replica of what would happen in a live class, but others go beyond this basic concept, offering advanced interaction and sharing tools, to better integrate with the current habits of students: therefore beyond chats, forums, social networks, these software could be equipped with augmented reality or virtual reality tools.

Child studying from Virtual learning school

Purpose of a virtual online school

The objectives of a virtual learning school are aimed at the dissemination of training courses that interest students distant from each other, or far from the school, or from the physical place where the teacher works. Also it is one of the most essential ways of keeping the youth connected to education during this Covid-19 outbreak.

Advantages of Virtual Online School

  • Increasing the quality and effectiveness of education. The interactive participation of students guides the teacher’s teaching and personalizes their learning paths.
  • Better access to the learning experience. The virtual classroom allows you to simulate the typical dynamics of a traditional classroom and allows the interaction between people in a natural way (interactive and adaptive learning).
  • Increased user satisfaction. Student-workers, people who are unable to move and are far from the school or students, return to training after having stopped studying for a long time.
  • Use of technology as a media to simplify access to content. Developing the training material in an engaging way (simulation, animation and multimedia) means putting teachers and students in direct contact.
Virtual online school gives better access to the learning experience


The virtual learning school is considered an incredibly useful tool because it is seamlessly integrated into the increasingly online ways people interact. It works because it puts the comfort of the learner first , for example, allowing him to obtain the sharing of information and knowledge in a multichannel way.

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