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Characteristics Of An Ideal Online Education Platform

Since 2020, the education sector has seen a significant scale shift from physical classrooms to online schools. This huge migration has opened up an unexpected but desirable technology to parents, aka the concept of an online education platform. Online education platforms have many advantages, including flexible timings and learning from home. With no end to the pandemic insight, the online education platform is perhaps on its way to becoming as popular as physical schools in upcoming years. If you are a parent with young kids, this is a prime time to take a look into what constitutes an ideal online education platform and which one is most suitable for your child. Online schools also provide you more benefits at far less cost than traditional schools.

When it comes to online schools in India, there are many big and small institutions that offer online classes. When it comes to choosing the online education platform that suits you the most, the following five features can be the starting point of comparison.

a girl learning from an online education platform

Latest Curriculum:

A top-rated online school in India will have a curriculum based on the latest National board requirements. Furthermore, an online education platform can also be used to teach the students a variety of extracurricular activities, including dance lessons, music lessons, yoga classes, and arts and craft classes. The extracurricular courses are as important as the rest of the academics when it comes to a kid’s growth.

Flexible Timings:

Unlike traditional schools, online schools in India give students the ability to develop their own routine. Students can take breaks according to their needs instead of waiting for the rigid school-mandated breaks.

Qualified teachers that are familiar with digital technology:

a teacher from an online education platform

The last feature to look for is teachers that are adept at using digital technology. Such a teacher can take into account students’ trouble and give them alternate arrangements for missed classes. An ideal teacher should also know how to record lessons for students absent due to an emergency.

Online schools, if chosen correctly, can be a blessing for parents who are out of their house due to work the whole day or those who need to change cities frequently due to their profession. Such situations prove challenging for kids as they cannot fully settle and form bonds with their classmates. Online schools take this difficulty out of the equation.

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