Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions


The only significant difference between homeschooling and an online school like Always On Learning is that in Homeschooling, parents take up the role of teachers and are the primary instructors for the child. Conversely, Online School like Always On Learning School has well-trained teachers to conduct classes according to a structured lesson plan.

Enrolling your child in an online school like Always On Learning means they have the luxury of learning from wherever they are most comfortable. It is a more self-paced mode of learning. Online schools are great for introverted students, and it costs less than traditional schooling but has all the same curriculum.

When choosing to enroll their child in an online school like Always On Learning, parents need to commit the required amount of time necessary to attend the classes with their child and ensure that their assignments are complete.


Always On Learning school brings a traditional school online. It is 100% online so that students can learn in the comfort of their homes. Always On Learning school takes Online Schooling to a whole new level using innovative teaching methods for an enhanced learning experience.

Yes Always On Learning School is affiliated with CBSE Board Number- 830913.

  • Yes, we provide valid mark sheets and TC after the completion of the academic year.
  • If a child is leaving in the middle of the academic year, then a bonafide certificate will be issued.

AOL School stands for Always on Learning.


Always On Learning is a 100% Online School. We are taking the traditional schooling system online.

Always On Learning School is a CBSE Online School. We are the only school that gives a Transfer Certificate(TC) with a CBSE registration number.

  • Yes, Always On Learning School is an Indian Institution. However, we are accepting students from all around the world. We have students from more than 50+ countries.

The purpose of Always On Learning school is to take the whole physical school experience online so that children receive the best education from the comfort of their homes.


Yes, we would follow a system similar to a traditional school with regards to the promotion of the Students. There will be term-end assessments and final examinations. Also, the child needs to maintain 75% attendance.

Physical books will be delivered to your Indian Postal address. Along with this, all the students will be provided with ebooks that they can access from the Learning Management System after enrollment.

There are two types of examinations conducted by Always On Learning School. First is the Formative Assessment(MCQ). Secondly, it will be followed by a Summative Assessment(brief questions and answers)

Always On Learning School follows CBSE Curriculum

Yes, we offer different kinds of Regional Languages of India.

Yes, we offer French as an International Language.


Yes, Demo Classes can be arranged on working days(Mon-Fri). Book the demo class by signing up from the link below.

We have teachers with a minimum of 5 yrs experience with NTT, B.Ed, and D.Ed degrees. Also after hiring we give them 300 hours of training.

The pre-primary section requires the assistance of their parents or guardian as they are very young to handle devices. Apart from that, the teachers are qualified enough to handle the class and students without any adult assistance.

As we are very much concerned about screen time, AOL School has only 3-4 hours of classes daily from Mon-Fri.

Yes, there will be PTM twice in an academic year.

No, there is no uniform or dress code.

25 is the batch size where the class starts at 8:30 AM IST and ends at 3:00 PM IST.

Yes, parents residing overseas also can join Always On Learning School.

The fee is refundable if parents decide to cancel the admission within 7 days of enrolling. Also, 4200/- is the admission cancellation charge. Fee will be refunded after deducting 4200/-.

You can pay the fee directly from the AOL website in the Pay fee option. Also, you can contact your respective counselor for further details.

Enrollment into AOL School is very simple. You can fill out the application form costing just ₹200 and enroll your child by clicking here

To cancel the admission, kindly write an admission cancellation mail to with the ERP code and child’s name in the mail subject.

Yes, you can enroll in between the academic year also.

Yes, we provide valid marksheet and TC so every student can easily get admitted to any other schools post completion of the course in Always On Learning School