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How Important Is Homeschooling in India?


Every parent wants to see the growth of their kids. Homeschooling provides parents here to take charge of their child’s education from the comfort of their own. It makes the child not to enroll under any physical school but continues his or her education under their parent’s guidance. 

Homeschooling helps in kids’ development

But there are many questions that arise in the mind of the parent, such as is it allowed to homeschool in India or what is online homeschool? So, in this blog we are going to answer a few of many questions about homeschooling. So, keep reading! 

What Is Homeschooling in India?

Due to this covid pandemic, offices have come to home, movie theaters have come to home, even schools have come to our home. But the concept of homeschooling is not a new concept as it has prevailed in our society for a very long period. When you look back at our Indian history, most children, our ancestors, had home tutors. Some of them had no tutors but they learnt from their parents. 

Homeschooling basically means teaching your child at home and not sending them to physical school. In this concept, parents take up the whole responsibility and take charge to prepare their kid for the real world. Parents are their child’s only teachers and all the responsibilities are in the hands of the parent. 

Is Homeschooling Allowed in India?

In India, there is provision of compulsory education for children aged between 7 and 14 which is governed under Right to Education Act, and it does not consider homeschooling or online schooling to restrict or violate the act. Hence, homeschooling and online homeschooling are allowed in India.  

What is homeschooling?

Because right now there is no formal governing organization in India, and it is difficult to estimate the number of homeschoolers that are currently present in India or pursuing education via a homeschooling method in India. 

Online Homeschooling in India

With the growing danger of health in society, we always wanted to keep our children safe. Homeschooling is the best way to teach and prepare your child for the real world and yet keep them safe from toxic gems present in our environment. 

Following are some reasons why you should homeschool your child.

  1. COVID-19 Pandemic

We can fight anyone for our kids, but it is impossible to fight the invisible enemies. Homeschooling provides the best education for your kids without being at the risk of putting your kids life in danger.

  1.  Safety, Security and Well-Being of the Children 

Parents worry about their kids more than anyone. At schools, there is no assurance of safety and security for your kids. But homeschooling gives you the opportunity to take care of your kids and take care of their well-being.

Homeschooling provides safety and well-being
  1.  Academic Excellence 

In schools, the teacher cannot concentrate on each and every student separately. When your kid has to improve at one particular area, the teacher couldn’t spend her time on kids individually. But when they are given homeschooling, all the tutor or the parent has to do is to concentrate on your kid alone.

  1.  Flexibility

Homeschooling gives your kid the space and time they need. In schools, the time is scheduled. So even if the kids are tired they have to learn what they are scheduled to do. But in homeschools, kids can learn what they want to and there is so much space to relax and time for them to learn calmly.

  1.  Learning Challenges

One of the major issues that kids face in schools is comparison and competition. Having competition may be healthy but for some kids, it is the worst nightmare. It lowers their confidence in themselves. But at homeschools, they can learn at their own pace and self-comparison makes them more confident and they won’t have to face some unnecessary learning challenges at schools.

  1.  School Phobia

Do you remember your kids’ or your neighbor’s kids’ first day at school? The amount of tears they shed, that’s because they are so afraid of going to a new place full of strangers. Homeschools provide a calm, familiar environment that makes them comfortable and less anxious while learning.

  1.  Bullying

Children are different from each other. Some kids are very friendly with others, but some are naughty, some are shy. Because of these differences, the other kids are bullying the quiet and shy ones. Not only in schools, but this is happening everywhere. Before sending them into this world of criticism, homeschool gives the chance to prepare the kids by building self confidence to face the outer world.

  1.  The Best Solution for Travelling Families

When parents want to give their children the best education, they try to select the best school for them. But some parents have professions that need them to transfer or relocate often. In this case, homeschooling is the best option as the kid doesn’t have to change schools often and try to adapt to the new environment each and every time.

  1.  Opportunity to Enroll in Other Extra Curricular Activities

In schools, even though they allot some separate time for sports and other activities, the kids cannot learn what they really want to. While homeschooling, you kids can enroll in other extra curricular activities they like. They have the opportunity to excel in many areas along with learning.

Parent happily guiding kid in homeschooling


Homeschooling provides an opportunity for Young minds to increase their educational level by designing it beneficially for the learner. It improves their critical thinking skills and their ability to work independently.

Because right now there is no formal governing organization in India, it is difficult to estimate the number of homeschoolers that are currently present in India or are pursuing education via a homeschooling method in India. 

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