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Inculcating the art of reading in Children

Reading can be construed as an activity that dwells upon the intellect of the reader. As bacon had said some books have to be chewed, some digested and some devoured, we have to be choosy when it comes to selecting books. As books are the portals ushering us to new worlds, they are often affectionately termed as the best friends of humanity. Since time immemorial, humankind has produced books belonging to various genres they are of utmost importance as they act as the etched impressions of supposedly lost ages. Neatly preserved in places known as libraries, these small things contain invaluable pieces of information inside them.

What do books mean for children? This can be a contentious question.  A million-dollar question rather. How can we usher them to reading? Are there any short cuts in that? In an aspect, there are no short cuts. We just have to make them understand the importance of reading, how it can help in the development of children as healthy individuals etc.

What kind of books should a child read? Firstly we have to find his or her genre. If it is an adventure, select books belong to that genre.  If it is comics select books belonging to that genre. Their guardians, we, teachers and parents have the moral responsibility to guide them. This blog will focus on the books that can act as the perfect stepping stones into early reading.

As most of the children will be in their formative stages, whatever activity they engage in will have a tremendous impact on their psyche. This is why they say making good friends and reading good books will maketh a good man.  As most of the rules of socialization are unwritten, children mostly learn the art of socializing through a process named as mirroring. This is the constant observation of the behaviours of the elders. Books can be of help in their growth as well- rounded individuals.  This blog will list out some of the books for healthy reading-:

1. One thousand and one nights (The timeless Arabian classic. While reading it children can interact with the characters which is the biggest charm of this book. They can fly on the flying carpet with Aladdin, go on voyages with Sinbad the sailor and laugh at the miserliness of Qasim.)

2. Works of Mark Twain ( Vivacious, vivid portrayals of   a pre-depression America. His works such as Huckleberry Finn and Tom sawyer are still famous)

3. Works of Edgar Allan Poe ( His eerie, mysterious world will attract the children)

4. Works of Hans Christain Anderson (  Timeless children’s classic)

5. Works if Brothers Grimm ( Timeless children’s classic)

6. Works of R. K. Narayan ( His malgudi days is very simple to understand)

7. The Pancha tantra tales ( Indian moral fables)

8. The jataka Tales ( Indian moral fables)

9. The Birbal stories ( Birbal was a courtier in the court of the legendary Mughal emperor Akbar. He appears as quick-witted and sharp)

Children are our hopes. We must herald them to their new destinations and inculcating the habit of books can be of significant help.

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