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Online school vs On-campus traditional school


Do you have a child who is struggling in school? Do they seem to be lost and confused at the beginning of each academic year, only to rebound by mid-November? Maybe it’s time for your family to consider an alternative. Online schools might not be as popular as traditional public or private schools, but they could provide your son or daughter with the support and guidance that he or she needs. In fact, online schools can be easier and more efficient than public schools – especially for students who work well in a virtual environment.

knowing the difference between online school and on-campus school

Pros of Online school

1. Greater Flexibility

Taking classes online gives students more flexibility than they’d get in a traditional school. In many online schools, students can work on their classwork at any time of the day or night, excluding only testing and course deadlines. Parents can complete homework alongside their children, so everyone stays on track with assignments.

kid going through recorded online classes

2. Low-Maintenance Activities

As an online school student, your schedule is self-directed. You don’t have to go anywhere for classes unless you choose to participate in a face-to-face session with teachers and students. And, even then, the actual interaction with classmates and teachers typically occurs through software or video conferences.

3. Strengthen Leadership Skills

Online schools cultivate leadership skills in students. In fact, many online schools offer honours classes that are specifically designed for advanced students.

4. Convenience

Online schools are incredibly convenient. Once you sign up for an online school, you can log in from anywhere. There’s no need to worry about scheduling bus rides or finding a ride home if the weather is terrible. You don’t even have to leave your room!

mother and son attending the online school

5. Save money

An online school will save you thousands of dollars in tuition costs. Online schools can also save you money on transportation and meals.

Cons of online school

1. Not everyone learns the same way

Some students learn better in a classroom environment than they do online. It’s about finding what works for you, and this is why it’s essential to go to a local school district.

2. Don’t have the support of your peers

This is one of the most common issues with online schools. There might be only five students in a class, and if you don’t have the support of your peers, it might not be suitable for you.

kid studying on his own without friends

3. Studying on your own

It’s easy to get distracted by doing other things online when trying to study or do homework. Kids must learn how to focus and explore on their own.

Pros of On-campus traditional school

1. Peer support

There are tons of benefits to learning in a classroom full of kids. Not only do you have someone else who is looking over your shoulder and checking up on you if you’re trying to cheat, but you’re also able to get the benefit of everyone’s opinions and ideas about what they’re being taught.

2. Physical activity

If you attend a traditional school, there are gym classes and recess every day. In addition to that, the kids who stick around for lunch can get some physical activity in as well. With online schools, it’s best if your child does their homework during this time, so they don’t end up playing video games instead of getting exercise.

traditional school

3. Social Skills

Several children struggle with social skills and end up being anti-social or loners. Kids get to make friends in the classroom at recess, making it easier for them to come out of their shells.

4. Discipline

Most parents will tell you that their kids are harder to discipline online than on-campus. Some kids don’t like the structure of a full-time school, so they might disrupt other students or cause disruptions in class. This can be hard to deal with when your child is not even there with you, which makes it more difficult for them and you.

kids are harder to discipline online than on-campus

5. Variety

The on-campus school offers the entire high school experience as opposed to an online program. They have access to many extracurricular activities and clubs that they can’t get a good idea about just by watching others online. Because the students are right there on campus, you can get as many other opinions as possible before making your final decision, which is something you don’t get with online schools!

Cons of On-campus traditional school

1. Cost

You have to pay for gas if you don’t live close enough to walk or bike to school. You have to spend money on lunches and snacks when the big meal is at home, which also causes your child not to eat as healthy because they are so hungry by the time they get home!

2. The kid is not always under your surveillance

You can’t just go to the school and make sure they are doing their schoolwork, or even supervise their lunch to make sure they are eating healthy!

higher chances of kids getting bullied

3. Higher chances of kids getting bullied

You can’t stalk your kid’s bully to make sure they don’t hurt them. You can’t ensure that they don’t need extra help with their schoolwork if you know this is a problem.


Parents play a vital role in helping their children make the right decision to determine if online school is better than public school. In addition, parents should be aware of how much time they are spending on work or other activities to support their children academically and emotionally. Ultimately, what’s most important for any parent is understanding your kid and making decisions together about what will help them thrive as an individual. Do you think that there might have been advantages or disadvantages at this point in your life had you chosen another type of education?

Let us know! We love hearing from our readers and would enjoy having your perspective.

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