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Our take on the pro’s and con’s for online education!


With technology on the rise, everything in our lives has moved to online spaces from classes to exams. This transition is something that Covid19 has forced the entire world to go to for our own safety. While at this point there is no doubt that the way to go is through online education, here are some online school advantages and disadvantages and what it takes to make the best online school for kids.

Online school advantages and disadvantages

To start off with, let us take a look at the disadvantages first and then add the advantages for being enrolled in the best online school for kids as the cherry on top!

Some disadvantages can be:

Lack of personal contact

Personal contact is a big factor that can encourage better relationships. There is so much that online spaces can offer and too much of anything is bad for you. Excess amount of technology can lead to exhaustion and stress on the eyes.

Tech Trouble

It is very important to include this aspect as this is something that is a big problem. Tech Troubles will lead to a lot of disruptions in learning and eventually feeling helpless. The lack of required tech and small children learning to navigate safely on the internet is also a concern.

Less progress

It can be hard for some kids to learn online when not taught through the right way. So it is absolutely essential that teachers are trained to get the attention of students in online spaces.

student studying online

Now to look at some online school advantages when you enrol your child in the best schools-

Better time management

Your child can record classes and watch them later to revise which is very helpful. They can also listen to the class as many times as they’d like.

Better attendance

Since everything is from the comfort of your own home there will not be any disruptions in attending classes.

No geographical barring

Specialists from all around the world can come together to conduct classes. There are no more geographical hindrances!

Remember to enroll your child in the best online school! What are you waiting for? Enroll today!

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