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Relationship between reading and child development

Robustness is a virtue that is mostly found in children.  They are always curious about the environment in which they live. In another sense, we can also say they are very much interested in the art of socialization. But the art of socialization comes with some caveats. Its rules are mostly unwritten.  Children learn the art of socializing from elders. There is a name for it in psychology and that is ‘mirroring’.

Have you ever thought about the connection between socialization and book reading? If not, you must ponder over it. There are subtle connections between them. Books are abounding with characters, which are replicas of people in real life.  For example, when you read the three musketeers, this novel represents the time and lives of a particular historical era. When children read such types of novels, When children read such types of novels, they will get an idea about history .

So finally, what types of books children should read? This seems to be a very contentious question.  As each child are different, we first have to find their favourite genre. This can only be done by someone close to them, such as parents or teachers. Once we understand the genre, it is easy to suggest books. This blog will suggest some of the books that could act as a catalyst for reading.

1.            One thousand and one nights (This is a timeless Arabian classic. It would be good if children can read it and understand. Told by the doomed princess Scheherazade, this has a plethora of characters. Children can interact and mingle with many of the characters, as reading this will give wings for their imagination. They can fly on the flying carpet with Aladdin and the genie, laugh at the miserliness of Qasim,  and go on voyages with Sinbad the sailor. Reading this will boost their creativity)

2.            Brothers Grimm’s Fairy Tales ( Timeless children’s classic)

3.            The stories of Hans Christian Anderson ( Timeless children’s classic)

4.            The Jataka Tales ( Indian moral fables)

5.            The Panchatantra Tales ( Indian moral fables)

6.            Stories by R. K. Narayan ( R.K. Narayan belonged to the ‘ trinity’ of early Indian English literature- the others being Raja Rao and Mulkraj Anand. His Malgudi days will be loved by children)

7.            Works by Roald Dahl ( Especially his Charlie and the chocolate factory)

8.            Works by C.S. Lewis ( Especially his chronicles of Narnia)

9.            Works by E.B. White ( Especially his charlotte’s web)

10.          Works by Edgar Allan Poe ( His eerie, mysterious world will attract children)

11.          Works by Mark Twain ( He wrote about an America before the great depression struck)

12.          Works by Charles Dickens ( He depicted the Victorian London)

13.          Mullah Hoja Tales ( From the middle east, the protagonist of these stories is funny and clever at the same time)

14.          Birbal Tales ( Birbal was the courtier of Akbar, the mighty Mughal emperor)

We can carefully weave the tapestries of reading and inculcate the habit. As there is a significant relationship between child development and book reading, this will be of help in their development as healthy individuals.

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