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9 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Online Homeschool Zone


Parents may find themselves asking, “how can I prepare my home for the online homeschool zone?” This is a great question, and there are many ways to do this. Parents need to understand that preparing the home environment is crucial to the success of their online homeschool zone. Spend some time exploring the different online education opportunities available on our website today – we’re here to help any way we can! You’ve got this! We know you can do it. There are so many options for getting your kids educated without the stress of full-time childcare or long commutes to and from school. From online schools to virtual classrooms, there is something that will work for every family’s needs.

online school setup at home

The following blog post will cover some tips on preparing your home for online schools and homeschool zones. 

9 parenting tips on preparing your house for an online homeschool zone!

1. Disconnect the TV

Try disconnecting your television from the wall for a week. If you can’t do this, try turning off all the televisions in your house, except for maybe one in the kitchen and another in the bedroom.

2. Get your computer out of the child’s room

If you have a computer in your child’s bedroom, remove it. If this is too difficult to do, make sure that you set some time aside each evening (or every other day) to spend with them doing fun activities – rather than just sitting around on computers or watching television.

setting up a corner for online classes

3. Set rules for computers

If you don’t want your child sitting on the computer all the time, make some rules. For example, if they use a computer to do their homework, they should be using it at least two hours a day and must have something else to do in-between. Maybe go outside for half an hour before using it again. If your child is young (or you don’t want them using a computer on their own), then make sure that they’re always supervised when using it.

4. Set rules for online schools safety during classes

During class time, make sure that all the computers are in an open space and can be watched. If you want them in a separate room, then lock the door to stop anyone from wandering in. Have a fire extinguisher close by and check with your network provider about blocking inappropriate websites.

5. Set up a VLAN for the school work network

If your school has its server, then you’ll need to make sure it’s secure. If not, get advice from your IT department about how best to separate it from the rest of your LAN. Make sure that any computers used in classrooms are locked away during lunch and break time. The same goes for your server.

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6. Protect your devices

Make sure you have a strong password for your Wi-Fi network. Also, don’t forget to turn off any guest access. You can also think about getting firewall software installed on your computers and installing firewalls on routers. Do you have access to an IT department? Then it’s worth visiting them before school starts to talk about the best way to secure your devices.

7. Do routine maintenance

With so many young people using their mobile phones and other portable technology regularly, it’s essential to protect these devices too. This is where anti-virus software comes in handy – if you don’t have any, talk to your IT department about getting some. You can then schedule regular virus scans and do ‘boot-up’ so that it will check for anything suspicious.

8. Plan ahead

If you plan to use a computer in a shared space, make sure it’s inside a cupboard or is otherwise secure before kids start arriving. It’s also worth thinking about having a fire-proof safe to keep valuable items in, as well as locking cabinets for files and other sensitive documents.

teaching kids how to you the gadgets for online learning

9. Make the zone child-friendly and comfy!

Why not give your children a space to call their own, with plenty of seating and somewhere they can keep all the things that belong just to them?

Benefits of online schools for kids!

1. Free trial

With online schools, there is no need to miss out on your education. As many online schools offer a free trial period, with some of the coursework being presented for free as well, you can try it before you buy!

2. 24/7 learning

The Internet never sleeps, so why should your child’s education? Being able to access courses 24/7 means that your child can learn at a time that suits them best.

recorded classes are available 24*7

3. Personal touch

Online schools tend to use discussion boards and group projects, allowing kids to interact with each other and their online tutors. This helps the children develop social skills and an understanding of working in teams.

4. Pace yourself

If your child is the type who prefers to take longer over course work or studying, then online learning can be an excellent option for them as they can learn at their own pace.

mother helping the child with her classes online

5. Money matters

Online schools are usually cheaper than their brick and mortar counterparts, although some private schools offer online schools courses for a fee.


Now that your kids are back in school, it’s time to get your home ready for the online role of parent. Whether you have a little one on their way to kindergarten or an older child who is entering high school, there are many ways you can make sure they have everything they need when they come home from school and start doing homework. Here are some tips for setting up a safe and productive environment at home so all parents can enjoy the convenience of working remotely while still being close by to help with homework and other tasks. We hope these ideas inspired and helped you in making an informed decision! What do you think? Do these tips sound helpful? Which ones will be most useful in preparing your own family’s space this year?

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