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Pros and cons of online preschool

Are you a parent to a toddler but very apprehensive to send them to a preschool? Online preschool has been the buzz among parents. Online preschool is a great alternative for working parents who are not able to hire a babysitter or send their kids to daycare centres due to financial reasons. The online school aims at giving every child a chance to give his or her full potential and live up to what he or she has learned in school. For many parents, the idea of sending their child to a preschool that they have never seen can be scary. They are worried about the safety of the location and if there is an adequate staff to take care of their children. With online preschools, these worries are eliminated as you can see for yourself what it looks like and who will be taking care of your child!

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Pros of online preschool

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#1. Online preschool is safe. 

The online preschool operates under the same rules and regulations as other daycare centres, so you don’t have to worry that your child will be in an environment where he or she can get hurt. Online private schools are also going to have strict regulations when it comes to children receiving care. Online school teachers will

be required to complete a criminal background check and clearances to ensure that they can work with your child’s safety in mind. 

#2. Online preschool is convenient and flexible. 

Online preschool teaches children how to be responsible for their actions, but at the same time, it also gives them a lot of freedom and will help your child learn how to be independent. It’s more flexible than other schools because many online preschools are open 24/7 and you can take part in the class whenever you like. Online preschool also allows parents to spend more time with their child which is beneficial because it will give you the opportunity to bond together as a family unit. 

#3 Online Preschool can be less expensive depending on your choice of online school. 

Online schools may cost less than, or equal to a typical brick-and-mortar school. Online preschools offer financial assistance for qualified families and some also have scholarship programs available. Online preschool gives parents the opportunity to choose their own curriculum which will not only benefit your child but you as well since you will know what they are being taught. 

#4. Online Preschool can help children get used to the idea of being with other children. 

Online preschool is a great environment for your child to learn how to interact with and make friends with other kids their age. Online schools have a curriculum that includes social activities regularly such as field trips so that the students will be able to successfully transition into a full-time brick and mortar school. Online preschool gives children the opportunity to learn how to share and work together with other students so that they don’t have problems in their future schooling experiences. 

#5. Online preschools give children a chance to learn how to read. 

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Online preschool uses an online curriculum that includes fun activities for the students to complete that promote learning on their own as well as with other students. Online preschool also helps your child develop a love of reading which will benefit them in the long run when they go off to school and need to read books and complete projects on their own. Online preschool gives your child a chance to gain confidence in reading which can make school easier later on. 

#6. Online preschool helps students to develop good study habits and learn responsibility 

Children need good study habits in order to be successful in school, and online preschool offers the opportunity for them to form these skills. Online preschool helps students to learn responsibility which is an important life skill that they will need when they leave preschool and start kindergarten. Online preschool gives your child has the chance to understand how things work in a classroom, as well as in school. 

Cons of online preschool 

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#1. Online preschool can create insecurity 

Not all children are comfortable in a virtual classroom. Online preschool is best for children who enjoy learning on their own. Online classes may be less stimulating and satisfying for students with special needs. If your child doesn’t perform well online, she or he will struggle when it’s time to start kindergarten. 

#2. Online preschool doesn’t work well for families who live far apart 

The intense relationship between parent and child is one of the most important factors in a child’s development. Online preschool can’t provide the same kind of one-on-one learning relationship as private or group classes. 

#3. Online preschool requires special equipment and skills 

Online preschool is best for families who have high-speed Internet access, personal computers that work well together, and if your home has enough space for your child to have his own little work area. Online preschool requires the parent or teacher to be well-organized and tech-savvy, which may not be true of every parent.

#4. Online preschool may not be very social 

Online school classes have a relatively small number of participants, and the instructor is not in class with the children at all times. The parent or teacher may need to act as a mediator between the student and other students if there are disputes that can’t be worked out over email. 


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People have been debating the merits of online preschool for years, and it’s a debate that is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon. Some people believe that an online curriculum might not offer enough social interaction between students or with teachers; others claim there are too many distractions in the home environment without school-related activities available 24/7. There may never be a consensus on this point, but one thing is certain – if you want your child to get ahead academically and socially by attending early childhood education programs like virtual preschool can help!

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