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Do you think online school is easier than public school


When you think about online school and public school, which one do you assume is easier? Public school. It’s a common misconception that public schooling is more accessible than online education. However, the opposite might be true in some cases! Here are 09 reasons why we believe online school can be easier than traditional schooling.

Top 9 reasons to think online school is more accessible than public school

online school is better than public school

Following are the top 9 reasons to think online school is easier than public school:

Reason #1: Less distraction:

When you’re in public school, there are all kinds of things that pull your attention away. You have to walk down the hallways between classes and maybe even dodge a few bullies along the way! When you’re sitting at home learning online, it’s usually much more peaceful without any distractions from other people or circumstances. This makes it easier for online students to focus on their work instead of anything else going on around them.

Reason #2: No need to do homework:

Now, this might sound obvious, but when was the last time you had no homework? For some traditional learners, they can’t remember if they’ve ever not gotten homework before because there is always something waiting for them back at school! However, with an online school, oftentimes, homework is optional, or it can be completed at the student’s own pace. This makes online learning much more convenient because students don’t have to worry about doing their work immediately after school if they’re tired from a long day of traditional schooling!

Reason #3: Focus on skills, not grades

online school is better than public school

In an online school, every assignment isn’t based on what letter grade you got but instead on how well you learned and applied your new information. Since this type of education focuses more on practical knowledge than memorization for tests, there are fewer cases where a student is disappointed with their final score. Instead, these types of learners focus on mastering different concepts instead of just waiting until something is taught that helps them receive higher scores in a class.

Reason #4: No more bullies

If you go to a traditional school, it’s possible that at some point or another, other students may have started picking on you because of your race, sexual orientation, disability status, and so much more. But there is no need to worry about this in an online course environment since the student-teacher ratio is lower than that of public schools! In addition to not having bullying issues with peers from school, studies show that teens who attend cyber charter high schools are less likely to bully others.

Reason #5: Academics are more efficient

It is estimated that students who attend online school graduate sooner than their counterparts in traditional public schools. The average time to complete an academic year at a virtual charter school is just under nine months. It’s also believed that student attrition or dropout rates decrease when attending cyber schooling programs because of convenience and flexibility, which ultimately leads to higher graduation percentages! So not only does this mean less work for you but the possibility of graduating faster as well.

Reason #6: Safety first

Many parents today feel like they can’t send their kids outside without worrying about them getting into some type of trouble with other peers on the streets, especially if they’re living in high–risk areas. With online school, your child will not only be physically safe but emotionally as well, since they won’t have to deal with any peer pressure or violence other than what’s on the computer screen. Also with the ongoing pandemic, it is the most safest option out there

Reason #7: You can work on your schoolwork anywhere, anytime

One of the most important things about online school is that you don’t have to be at home or in a classroom to complete your schoolwork. Whether this is through utilizing public WiFi hotspots or by taking advantage of ‘study time’ on road trips/flight layovers, doing homework whenever wherever helps pave the way towards success! This means you’ll always have access to it and even more flexibility with how long it takes for you to finish each assignment.

Reason #8: You can do the work where ever you are.

online school is better than public school

There is no need to be tied down by brick-and-mortar walls of a traditional classroom setting with an online school. This gives students access to their lessons anywhere they have internet access! Did you want to take your class on vacation with you? No problem! Just make sure that when travelling away from home, you’re maintaining communication with your parents or advisers about how things are going–just in case something happens while out of town/city limits.

Reason #9: Easier interaction between teachers & parents.

Since everything is done through technology (email, phone, text), teachers can easily communicate with parents regularly. This makes for better bonding between parent and teacher–ensuring that both parties feel like they’re working together to help the student succeed!


online school is better than public school

There are many reasons to think online school is easier than public school. Online learning can be more convenient because the student doesn’t have to go anywhere, they don’t have any homework or tests, and there aren’t any time limits for assignments. It also offers various subjects that students might not otherwise get at their current location, like music lessons or foreign language classes. Plus, with all digital resources available to them 24/7, it’s much easier on kids’ schedules! If you’re interested in finding out if an online education would work well for your child, too, then contact us today for assistance.

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