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What Makes AOL Special

AOL live classes provide accelerated learning across disciplines with lessons designed to add to a child’s strengths and overcome their weaknesses. Our live classes also empower parents with performance trackers, to keep a check on their child’s progress.


Exceptional Early Learning to

Enable All Round Excellence

Learning Made Lively

AOL classes are fun filled sessions of learning, where each subject is taught in an interactive storytelling format to build interest, helping children to understand concepts organically. AOL classes turn the mindless long screen hours into productive learning.

Experienced Tutors

AOL classes are conducted by certified and experienced tutors who are experts in delivering top quality learning through online mediums. Parents don’t need to accompany the child in every class, as the expert teachers wear multiple hats of a nanny, teacher and a mentor.

Ready to Go

AOL classes require just a normal screen and internet connection and no additional accessories. The classes are supplemented with physical workbooks and practice sets to help children master the lessons.


That Not Only Capture the Essence,

But Enhance the Learning Process


Creativity is the ability to perceive the world in new ways, this happens to the thought process during our classes. Kids start thinking outside the box and approach challenges in a unique way.

Critical thinking

Our courses teach them to understand the cause and effect to detect why certain things don’t work while others do. They will use critical thinking skills to analyze and take responsible action on complex problems they will face while working on their projects.


We strive to strengthen both verbal and written skills. Kids need to learn how to stand up in front of other people and articulate their ideas and how to use digital tools to share information. Through guided learning, kids start expressing themselves confidently and creatively in many ways.


Collaboration means working together to create or produce something. When the projects designed by kids are shared in a community, it helps children to discover each others’ strengths, interests, and capabilities. Kids also get a chance to collaborate with others and evaluate how they can make the same project better.